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Best bang for the buck!

This question was posted on another forum and since I like gun stuff I thought I’d bring it over here. So what was your best “bang for the buck” rifle that you bought?

I’m going to rank my top buys!

#5 Pre 64 FWT custom rifle that I found in a pawn shop chambered in .280 Rem with a Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8X36 scope all bedded in a Brown Precision stock. I didn’t own this one but for a few days, as I passed the deal on to my Buddy by selling it to him for his youngest boy’s (in picture) first elk rifle. $625 out the door and sold it to my buddy for $325 minus the scope.

#4 Savage Anschutz .22 LR with Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14X40 AO scope, price $560 out the door. Another pawn shop find, it pays to keep in good standing with the local pawn brokers. Awesome little shooter even with bulk pack ammunition.

#3 Universal M1 Carbine purchased FTF but found right here on TFL for $200. I have about $340 invested in it so far with the drive to Pueblo to pick it up and a few magazines I bought for it, plus I had to fix the rear sight and have the barrel recrowned. Took it out the other day and it functions flawlessly easily ringing a 8" gong at 100 yards off hand. Minor repairs don’t bother me and the price was right to get a rifle on the ban list.

#2 Back to the pawn shop again a sporterized 1896 Springfield Krag. Just something real cool about these old rifles, and the $300 I got it for wasn’t a bad price either. Smoothest functioning rifle I own, and pretty accurate as well.

#1 1917 Enfield made by Winchester converted to .300 H&H. I paid $99 plus tax to get this rifle from a LGS at $99 I didn’t even bother to haggle. The scope wasn't on it when I bought it, just didn't take a pic before I had it mounted.

After I spent about $800 more it finished out looking like this. I never shot it until I finished the sporter job on it but it holds MOA on most days if I do my part and it is a cool old cartridge to play with.

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