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2.5" barrel .357 expansion

Has anyone tested the Remington 158gr JHP (R357M2) for penetration and expansion out of shorter barrels?

Out of a 4" barrel it opened wonderfully in water for me, penetrating through about 16" of water bottles, opening to about 5/8".

I had a less conclusive test out of a short barrel, probably due to mediocre media - one bullet not recovered and the other hit a random croquet ball in the bag of phone books I was using as a backup bullet trap behind the bottles. It was fully opened, but fragmented when it hit the ball. It appeared to have fragmented somewhere along the line, but the water bottles were exploded to the point where nothing was recoverable.

Any gel tests on these? I like the round, and find it manageable to shoot out of a K-frame, but want to know if it will open up. I'm not doubting that it will penetrate

What are other favorite 2.5"-3" barrel loads out there?
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