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Originally Posted by Hook686
Assumption is that these are the only two choices, and that the headstamp portion provided went with the casing stuck in the chamber. A lot of assumptions and speculations that would take a lot of time to establish, prove, disprove in court.

So if it is not going to court, why not accept the S&W offer ? I suspect a more refined approach could be taken with Federal, but I also suspect the ammunition is so old that Federal will not rise and accept responsibility either. However, who knows, other than the Shadow that is ?
Given that the OP states 1) That he was shooting Hydra-Shoks and 2) That all the other brass in the box was headstamped "Federal" or "FC", this is a pretty safe assumption to make.

I, too, would counsel OP to take S&W's offer, and suggest that it is unlikely, given all the other variables in play, that Federal/ATK is going to feel compelled to do anything here, but I thought he might want to know that if he has any other old "FC"-headstamped .40 Hydra-Shok lying around that he should not fire it in the replacement pistol, as Federal redesigned its .40 brass with a thicker web and changed the headstamp.

That was all. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled picking fly poop out of pepper...
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