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There's nothing wrong with Sigs, but I wouldn't recommend a 2022 right now. They only come with one mag, and with the panic the way it is, it's going to be either a) difficult/near impossible to get more at a decent price, b) they're going to be spendy. Compared to other companies, Sig mags are pretty pricey. When they have them, the 2022 mags cost $44 from Sig, and I haven't seen them recently at any of my LGS for less than $54. Online, I've seen people asking (and getting) close to $100 for them. Luckily I bought my wife a couple pre-panic for $42 or so a piece.

If you're ok with one mag for the time being, the 2022 is a good gun for a good price. But if you want more than one mag, I'd look elsewhere.
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