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In a long session with a pistol, the difference between shooting thunderbolt and Dynapoint (with which I have also had very good experience) is pronounced. With the former, after several hundred rounds the inside of the pistol looks as if you sprayed dirty engine oil in it, then through a handful of sand at it. With the latter, you get some accumulation of wax and a fine, gray residue, but you can't get through 500 rounds without the sandy accumulation that can adversely affect function.
No argument there but I get to shoot often and my days of 100 or more rounds of 22 in a single gun at a single session are behind me. Even in competition the most I usually fired in a days match was 90 rounds of 22 LR and I was using match ammo for that.

For hunting maybe half a dozen shots on a good day of small game hunting and then it was to the cleaning bench first the game then the gun. For serious practice 5 targets of 10 shots each is a days shooting with one gun so with brass plated bullets (my first choice) its a little barrel work and clean the action, lead or heavily waxed lead ammo and it is a thorough cleaning of both barrel and action. If you are a brick a session shooter it can be a problem or if you are one of those who only cleans a gun when he can't chamber a round anymore it is a consideration but I think for most of us it really doesn't matter what you shoot as long as you do some sort of cleaning after you shoot. Does it go bang, do you hit the target?

I could be wrong, often am but that's dos centavos from a dinosaur.
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