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1. How would you feel about a more effective way to secure and monitor the location of your firearms?
I personally don't like the idea of placing chips in my gun. Call me a tin foil hatter if you'd like, but if I can track, then so can big brother. As for some kind of safe design that would let me know if my gun is moved? If it doesn't add to the weight/function of my gun or safe, I don't have problem with it. Having said that, it seems any magnet strong enough not to be moved by, say, being bumped, earthquake, or large truck moving by could potentially stall a draw if needed in an instant. If I'm on the wrong track here, let me know, but thats why I mentioned it can't interfere with the function of my gun or safe.

2. Would you be interested in a sensor that can sense the movement of your gun and instantly alert you when it is moved?
Really, depends on price. Even smallish handgun safes are pretty spendy ($100+ range). Larger stand up safes can run the gamut of $400 or so up to $10,000 or more. Being on a budget, I'm not sure I would want to pay extra for something like this.

3. Have you ever seen or heard about a similar product/service? Do you believe either of the ideas described above are feasible?
Nothing terribly similar to this, although there is a product that can be installed in some revolvers that involves magnets that prevents the gun from firing unless you're wearing a special magnetic ring. Different concept, similar use of materials I suppose?

4. Would you or like-minded people be interested in buying this type of product/service?
I'm sure other people would be interested in something like this. I love gadgets, but I don't like to pay money for a gadget that only gives marginal usefulness. The fact is, if someone breaks into my safe while I'm away at work, the thieves aren't going to spend all afternoon in my house. They're going to go in, grab the valuables and be out. Already having an alarm on my house that will automatically call law enforcement is far better than me getting a text that something in my safe moved. For those without an alarm? I suppose it could help, but chances are, the theives are going to be gone before LE responds anyway, even if I call them the moment I get the text. What if the product has false alarms? The police might get tired of responding to my calls. Chances are, even if I had an alarm, I wouldn't respond to it until I got home anyway, to prevent that, so I just don't see the advantage. Maybe you can help me here?

5. How much would you be willing to pay for this type of product/service?
Right now? Nothing, unfortunately. I don't see the overall usefulness of the product, and I am on a budget. Every $1 I spend on this is $1 less practice ammo I get. This product won't prevent a theft, so it won't save me anything based on my firearms being stolen.

Maybe so more info on your ideas would change my mind? As it is, I just don't see it being a very helpful or useful product, especially considering what it's likely to cost.
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