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...Your single experience, while a single data point, does not mirror what appears to stastitically occur when a person is shot with a handgun.

I agree with everything else you've said. Move, escape, re-eval, and re-engage if needed. I'm just cautioning from the thinking of "I put one in his chest, that should buy me some time." it may, but it sure as hell may not.
Of couse it "sure as hell may not". Again, lots of stories about people surviving GSWs, grenade blasts, car crashes etc and losing half their skull, multiple limbs etc. Essentially anything "sure as hell may not".

BUT, there aren't really statistics on "She fired and missed and that gained her a second and a half to move to safety". And even if there was, all I'm saying here is - When you shoot, that bullet goes somewhere. WhereEVER it goes, then get the heck away from there. Don't stand there and re-assess whether or not THAT shot eliminated the threat and try to guess if there's Kevlar or if the guy's on drugs or if you should do a pelvic, COM, head shot.

Make big noise - Move! That's my suggestion.

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