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Need input on a school project (gun related)

A type of security system linking firearm storage with a notification via text or something similar could be useful for some. However, I think quite a lot of people (at least among enthusiasts like you'll find on here) generally make use of a safe or some form of secure storage. The likelihood of the "event" of tampering with the gun would be rather remote in such a case, making upkeep of such an app less desirable.

I've seen something similar, where the gun is placed on a plate and synced with a household security system. When the gun is removed, the alarm is triggered, and (theoretically) 911 is contacted by the monitoring company. This is designed to allow easy access to a weapon and instant call for help. Since it requires an existing security set up, and does little to prevent taking of the gun, I don't think it's very popular.

As for a tracking device, a lot of guns would be very hard on them, destroying the chips from recoil and use. Not to mention, any such tracker would complicate any design of a gun, something that most people frown against. Still, I could see use in being able to find my gun if it went missing, but again, the upkeep of such a system would probably be prohibitive. I would not be willing to pay a subscription on it.

So, for me, these services wouldn't offer much. I might be interested in a system I could link to my safe, that connects with my home network to send a notification of tampering/opening, but it would have to be a one-time purchase.
I can't think of a way that a tracking chip would be effective at a decent price on an actual gun, but I don't think I would worry enough to invest in one anyway.

I will note that I live alone, with no children coming into my house, so I don't worry about people finding and getting my guns that are kept locked in my safe. If someone does get into them, there's a lot more going on to muddy the picture.

All in all, nice to see people thinking of ways to help the community!
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