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Originally Posted by loose_holster_dan
i put STI above all the others you listed. even the spartan V is amazing. you won't need to upgrade the sights, because the ones that come on it are top notch. sig is still ironing out the bugs in its 1911 line. the gsr line was terrible. the new ones are better, but they just haven't been doing it long enough. then you have people like kimber who have been doing it for ages, and get it worse every time they do a redesign.
Dan sums it up very nicely. STI is one of the very best producers of 1911s, and (IMH) far better than SIG or Kimber. Personally, for a returning warrior my choice would be a Colt simply because Colt did it first and the name Colt is historically associated with the M1911 but, if the Colt name isn't important to you, it would be difficult to find a better choice than an STI unless you go for a fully custom-built pistol.
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