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Optimistic or otherwise, that's a real life experience suffered by yours truly, Sgt Lumpy. Shot in the vest with a 9mm Beretta clone. Couldn't talk/yell for help, couldn't make my arm move to get to my radio/pistol, life flashing before my eyes thinking the guy would come back outside and shoot me in the head while I tried to crawl/roll away from danger.

All for a failure to appear warrant on a $70.55 traffic ticket.

No matter how many "crazed crack heads immune to gunfire" stories we can find, firing a gun - ANY gun - in the direction of someone buys you time. Even if that bullet isn't "optimal ballistics" or "Center of mass" or even if it's a miss. That's my optimistic opinion.
I'm sorry you were shot, and glad that you survived it relatively uninjured. Your single experience, while a single data point, does not mirror what appears to stastitically occur when a person is shot with a handgun.

I agree with everything else you've said. Move, escape, re-eval, and re-engage if needed. I'm just cautioning from the thinking of "I put one in his chest, that should buy me some time." it may, but it sure as hell may not.
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