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I have a 10mm 1911, I hand load, and I enjoy the cartridge. I was thinking of buying a G20SF, but the more I read, the I question the benefit.

First, you don't find 10mm range brass lying around, so you will either have to buy ammo and shoot it, or buy new Starline brass.

The Glock and its "generous" chamber dimensions will not treat that brass well, and the hotter you load it, the (exponentially) shorter the brass life will be.

Moreover, some of the "best" factory ammo (sold by BB, PBR and GA) use bullets which were designed for .40 S&W, and driving those bullets at "true" 10mm velocities can cause fragmentation and loss of penetration. This is a thread I have been following:

I am not a .40 fan, but looking at it objectively, I may be better off selling the 10mm and buying a .40. Brass is so common that it is essentially free, and using the bullets as designed will get good performance.

The only things missing are the 10mm cachet...and the cost.

Good luck with your decision, but do your homework first...
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