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Well I got the Lee mold whipped in shape. I just wasn't bothering sending a 20 dollar mold back and going through the hassle. So, I got some coarse and fine lapping compound. Starting with course and following with fine, I took some 000 steel wool and tore me off a little piece. Then dabbed a little lapping compound in the cavities, then with a #2 pencil (new one) I used the eraser end to grip the steel wool and i went to spinning it between my palms, like you would if you were lapping a valve into a head. Did it to both halves of the mold and VIOLA polished and machine mark free cavities. I'm sure the other methods are faster but hey it took me NO set up time with this method. I then removed the sprue plate and added a little fine compound to the shoulder of the sprue plate set screw and with a properly fitting screw driver I went to town working the screw back and forth then doing complete turns. This polished the shoulder of the screw and the hole in the sprue plate. Now the sprue plate glides on the screw like BUTTAH!! Then with a little fine compound on a piece of steel wool, I polished the under side of the sprue plate and the top of the mold blocks. With everything back together and a lite coat of 2 cycle synthetic motor oil it works smooth as silk. Can't wait to see how it does in a future casting session.
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