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1967 give or take a year aboard the USS Farragut DLG-6. Seaman SXXXS assumed the ASROC watch. He accepted the duty belt, holster ammo and 45. He counted the ammo and inspected the gun as per protocol. My young friend liked to talk and was visiting with the guard he had just relieved. While a very bright person he could not chew gun and talk at the same time without falling down.

You release the slide and dry fire the gun into the air and then load the magazine. However if you are on auto pilot you load the magazine into the gun, release the slide and pull the trigger. If you are out to sea and the captain is on the flying bridge this is not a good thing. If you put a hole in the deck grating between the captains very large shoes it gets worse. For the rest of his tour of duty on that ship he stood his watches with a night stick. They didn't quite trust him with a firearm. When he tried to reenlist they handed him his honorable discharge and the Want ads. I hope he is still relying on a stick for protection.
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