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Need input on a school project (gun related)

Hi, not sure if this is the right section for this question, so if it is not I apologize.

I am looking for a little input from the gun-owning community on a product concept. I’m part of a group for an Entrepreneurship college course and we are looking for feedback on a product idea involving firearms. No one in the group is a gun owner or even knows much about them, so any input is very much appreciated (the idea came about to take advantage of an opportunity with the present issues with gun safety and crime prevention).

The idea is a pressure-sensitive platform (magnet?) that you put in a gun safe/cabinet/case to place your gun on. The idea is that if the gun is removed from the platform the sensor is triggered, and you will instantly be alerted on your smartphone app that your gun has been removed. This is meant to be an alert system and potentially prevent a crime. If you are alerted by the app and you know someone isn’t supposed to have access to your gun (your child/a thief/etc.), you can investigate the reason it was moved and take the appropriate action.

A secondary thought was for the user to install some sort of tracking device (a chip under the grip?) so that the owner could keep track of the location of his/her gun on an app that can only be used by the owner. A similar use as the first idea but with this one it would allow you to keep track of the location once it is moved.

We aren’t sure how feasible they are or if we could use a combination of both ideas.

Again, this is for a school project and the next step is to survey those in our target market about the idea (current gun owners/potential gun owners/gun owners with children). Thank you for your time and any input is appreciated!

1. How would you feel about a more effective way to secure and monitor the location of your firearms?

2. Would you be interested in a sensor that can sense the movement of your gun and instantly alert you when it is moved?

3. Have you ever seen or heard about a similar product/service? Do you believe either of the ideas described above are feasible?

4. Would you or like-minded people be interested in buying this type of product/service?

5. How much would you be willing to pay for this type of product/service?
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