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Hell the local Pawn shop gun guy here has resorted to camping out at the big boxes when they get deliveries trying to grab a couple boxes of 9mm or 22.

Then again it's been over a month since he's gotten any from his normal suppliers so I have a hard time complaining about it. And I did buy the last 2 boxes of 9mm he had a while back.

I know some trainers have reduced the round counts in their classes in response to the current situation.

My main instructor will allow reloads, but with reservations. About 4 years ago they had 4 different people have squibs, and 5th guy crack his barrel during a single 2 day class, all from bad reloaded ammo they brought.

The class now has a little paragraph as part of the sign up sheet saying that they won't be waiting around while you fix problems caused by your bad ammo. So reloads are allowed, but if you get a squib or other issue, it's your problem...
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