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A great comparison to the 'assault weapons ban' debate: ban smartphones!

I found a pretty powerful pro-gun (anti-AWB) argument in the form of a parody, gun control arguments used against smartphones:

The logic is pretty hard to deny. Excerpt:

"...[every year] between 900 and 1000 deaths [in the US] are as a result of a distracted driver reported to be using a mobile phone at the time of the crash... this number is [almost] DOUBLE the number of deaths EVERY YEAR than there has been deaths as a result of mass shootings over the past 30 years combined...We are calling for a ban on all smartphones...We just want impose common sense restrictions on these dangerous devices that studies show time and time again are killing more of our children every day...We don't want to infringe on anyone's rights to communication, but nobody NEEDS an iPhone."

The entire post is pretty funny, and relevant to the current revived hysteria over guns. Check it out. What do you think?
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