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STI 1911?

So my brother is currently in Special Forces Q course, and upon graduation my dad and his best friend want to get him a 1911. My dad's friend has suggested getting the cheapest STI 1911 and having a gunsmith put good sights and a good trigger on.

Both my dad and I are skeptical of STI, as this pistol is meant to be one he will love and shoot for the rest of his life and we haven't even heard of the company. I lurk Semi-auto forum and rarely see suggestions of getting STI pistols.

I personally haven't heard of STI 1911s. I suggested a Kimber, Smith&Wesson, SIG, or Springfield personally. My dad also wants to get him a SIG 1911.

What would you guys suggest? We want a brand new pistol, hopefully under $800 that can be gunsmithed to a custom quality. Our friend suggests STI, we are thinking more along the lines of a SIG.
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