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It may not have happened to you, or anyone you know, but something similar has happened to one vet I know.

Not that the VA was stupid enough to put it in a letter or anything traceable...

This happened about a decade ago (its not a new thing), the vet, with some medical probems, and some mental issues (not ajudicated inciompetent, PTSD or danger to self/others), was told by his doctors at the VA that he had to get rid of any guns in his house, or they would no longer treat him.

He believed them, and sold his two guns. I know the story because I bought one of them.

Was it right? No. Was it legal? No. Was it ethical? No. Was it national policy? No. But it did happen. And I bet, if we could hear from ALL the vets (including those passed on) I think we would find that the case I know about wasn't the only one.

How many guys over the many years, in desperate need of medical treatment from the VA have done whatever they were told to do, and didn't/couldn't make a public issue about it? I only know one (and he passed away two years ago), but I believe it was not a completely isolated incident.
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