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In Handgun calibers? Full circle maybe....big and slow wins...not so much.

I submit the 32 ACP and 380 ACP for full circle. Due to the increase in CCW in the last decade both of these calibers have become very well represented again with another push for better performing ammunition.

New calibers? 40 S&W 357 Sig 327 Mag sort of all over the map here. If big and slow wins why has the 45 GAP died off so quickly? It's just a 45 ACP in a shorter package. 40 S&W is just a compromise between 9mm and 45 ACP but took hold because it was the darling of the FBI.

In rifle calibers? I don't see a huge resurgence in 35 Remington, 358 Winchester, et. al. These would be the big slow counterparts to 30-30, 308 Win. etc. The theory does not support the WSM, RSUM, or RUM lines of cartridges. By no means would any of these be described as "SLOW" for their calibers.

I see it more as some of the oldy moldies have been rediscovered due to a variety of factors such a SASS, CCW, etc. Other "new" cartridges have come around to fill a niche or perceived void, still others because some people dare to be different.

The nice thing is that we have lots of choices to fill our wants, desires, needs, and / or prejudices.
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