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In the Citori line of guns ....for general shooting....sporting clays, Skeet and for upland birds...I prefer the Citori XS Skeet model, with the adjustable comb, 30" barrels...and the 12ga.

It has a combination of a solid feel, it will fit 99.9% of shooters, has good balance and a weight ( 8.25 lbs ) that is optimal for me -for the faster games with more left to right movement and on live birds.

It is the one gun in my safe....if I had to give up every other shotgun -- I'd keep this one for sure !
However, for Trap ....I prefer the longer and heavier Citori XT Trap ...with the adjustable comb, 32" barrels...and while the spec says its a 9lb gun ...mine happens to be a little over 10 lbs which I prefer.
You can certainly use the XS Skeet model for Trap as well ...but I find a heavier and longer gun to be an advantage on Trap because there isn't as much left to right movement...but for Sporting Clays or Skeet or hunting..its just too heavy and clumsy.
The specific sporting models of the Citori...and there are quite a few ...all have angled combs on them.../ and unless you know specifically how much drop at comb and heel fit you ...I would stay away from an angled comb gun ...and go to the parallel comb guns instead.

I 2nd the idea that the Browning Cynergy and Beretta have similar feels...but if you're looking at a Beretta ...for a parallel comb gun, I would look at the DT-10 model as a good all around gun.

Get out and talk to as many shooters as you can ...shoot as many guns as you can / many guys will let you put some shells thru their gun a test...not that you can make any adjustments to the comb, etc....but it will give you an idea if that configuration feels right / will fit you.

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