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Gen4 Glock 19 Review

The Glock 19 is probably the most popular gun in America and for good reason---it's reasonably priced, reliable, rugged, accurate, and simple to maintain. But in the last couple years its' reputation has taken a hit and some of that came from me. I had a Gen4 G19 (PYU###) serial number and it was terrible---malfunctions/brass to the face/erratic ejection/ect... Well Glock replaced that gun and that gun is what this review's about. Let's get into it...

-Reliable. The gun has had 0 malfunctions
-Accurate. It's more accurate than I am, that's for sure.
-Durable -Easy to maintain
-TONS of aftermarket support due to its' popularity and longevity.
-Accepts 15, 17, and 33 round factory magazines
-Glock's customer service is excellent
-Durable finish
-Cheap replacement parts, should you ever need them
-Low Bore Axis resulting in a soft shooting gun, especially for the weight.
-Easily modified to fit the shooters' preferences
-Requires very little cleaning/lubrication to run reliably
-"Medium-sized" frame works well for both duty use and concealed carry.
-Improved grip texture on the Gen4 guns

-Recent history of problems in the post 2010 models
-Comes with a serrated trigger (even the US models)
-Availability these days.

Chrono numbers:

Speer Gold Dot 124gr +p : 1232 FPS, 418 FT/LBS energy
Federal HST 124gr : 1155 FPS, 367 FT/LBS energy

Here's a video with some shooting from the 12m line, a size comparison, a demonstration of shooting it with some loads often blamed for the recent issues, and a chronograph test with some popular carry/defensive loads:

Gen 4 Glock 19 HD Video Review Link
Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel
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