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Andrew the last poster has some good points.

What are your long term goals and desires as per a .22 rimfire rifle.

I spoke of barrel quality earlier, so will try to keep the following short and still get the point across.

Also Not slinging stones or mud at anyone's rifle choice here, just relating my experience and attempting to make a point.

About 4 years ago, a friend and I decided to have a friendly shoot off, he with his semi-target rifle, a Savage Mark ??? single shot and I with my Clark Custom 77/22.

The first summer, we shot mostly target and match ammo, including Eley, Lapua, the old and no longer made Federal Gold Metal Match like was used to win metals in one of the Olympic matches some years back, as well as a bunch of other brands and types of match ammo.

All shooting was done from the same boxes of ammo, of the same bench and bags and on the same calm morning.

The first go around left me wondering at the value in my much more expensive rifle and scope, as Jack's rifle shot right along side the CRuger and out shot it a few times. Lots of little 50yd groups that day, from both rifles.

The next summer, same place, similar conditions, same bench and bags, but this time with typical off the shelf type .22lr ammo.

Hmmmmmmm! Whole different story this time, and a clear indication of the value in a quality barrel.

While Jack's rifle did shoot a few good groups as would be expected when testing any reasonable .22 with a broad range of brands an types of ammo, the CRuger with the Walther barrel just kept shooting nice little groups with anything larger being the exception.

I then had a clear visual picture of why I had spent the bucks to buy the rifle and scope I did.

Every rifle will have ammo it favors above others, but the better the rifle and barrel, the easier it is to find ammo that shoots very well in your rifle.

Simply put, the higher quality, the more brands and types of ammo which will shoot well.

I had an itch that needed a very accurate .22 to do the scratching.

What are your long term needs and desires in regards to a .22 rimfire?

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