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You love them or hate them it seems. The guy next to you at the range will love or hate it as well.
I think that sums it up quite well. I personally hate muzzle brakes. Once in my life I had muzzle brakes on most everything I owned. A great brake can substantially reduce recoil, to the point that you can often watch your bullet impact. However, that is at the expense of a much greater blast. For me.. (not everyone) the trade off is not worth it. Most of my guns are used for hunting and as I often hunt without hearing protection I find the muzzle blast to be unbearable.

I still retain one braked rifle and it is a very light 300 Win Mag with a Vias muzzle break.

You might want to take a look at how the stock fits you. I am currently shooting a Kimber Montana that is quite a bit lighter than the Ruger and as I am working up loads I don't find it objectionable. It does fit me well though.

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