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This thread could really go off track with why constitutional carry is better or worse, and I don't want to give CHicago dems any ideas, but they could pass their own Chicago ordinances that coud say for instance - no semi automatics (revolvers only) as Judge Davis suggested, if you remember.. or ordinances that prohibit a firearm within 50 feet of any place that sells alcohol (every gas station and convienience store), they could put into place an onerous permitting system ala NYC... Those laws could carry $10,000 fines and 6 mo jail time and / or both. They could pass a law that says you're allowed to carry in general (with a permit) but you cannot have a firearm on public transit...

And at least 4 other municipalities like Oak Park, Wilmette etc.. could follow suit.

As cool as constitutional carry might sound to some people, it would make staying in compliance with the myriad laws a nightmare, and many law abiding gun owners eventually would get snagged by the odd patchwork of disparate city ordinances.
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