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“Personal Defense Weapons”

I am not trying to re-direct this thread and I know that this article has been posted and discussed to no end. Does anyone think that there is any additional meaning to "Personal" in the above link? Is it possible that these officers could potentially be able to take these weapons home with them? It seems that these are fully automatic and not only self-loading.

I certainly don't mean to go all "conspiracy theorist" here although Mel Gibson had it right when he said, "Coffee is our friend." (Can't stand the man, love the actor)

It just seems as though the tide is being steadily tipped against us into that of a police state. It may very well be that there is no intention of this being put in to play right now but the more it is facilitated, the more tempting of an offer it might become in the future. Arm the police, even in their personal residences, disarm the people, and eliminate the threat of any resistance to any future repugnant proposals. This is just a dangerous path. Again, I can't stress this enough, I like to believe that it is not intentional at this stage. It is just like wandering down a different path very slowly.
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