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yeah, I agree with what Tom Servo just said about hyperbole.... it is getting a bit thick.

I travel to many cities in California on business, including LA, San Francisco, and San Diego. I also travel to Dallas and Austin.

Now, Austin may not be as conservative as Midland, or Abilene, or Lubbock, but it is nothing like San Francisco. Nothing. I rather like Austin, and when I visit, there is no doubt that I am in TEXAS... as an outsider, Austin feels as much like TEXAS as Dallas, or Houston... but with better music and nightlife .

A lot of Californians are on our side... probably more than 30%... given the size of California, that is a huge number of people.

Either Wyoming or Nebraska seem like logical choices for Magpul. That would be an easy move for Magpuls existing workforce... they would still be close to their family ties in the Boulder area.
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