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I chuckled at the don't feed them too much corn, it'll hurt their digestive systems. Deer are in essence nothing more than a goat and browsers, if corn is hurting their digestive tracts, then they won't eat it, they'll move on to something else.

As far as hogs are concerned. You don't want to attract them because once you have them, you can't hardly get rid of them. They are prolific breeders and will completely ruin a property eating everything they can to the detriment of the deer population. Around here, there are two types of land, with hogs and land that is going to have hogs. Unless you want everything rooted up and destroyed, you'd be best advised to keep them away at all costs.

However if you are intent on hogs, fill up a bucket full of corn, add beer and grape kool-aide, let it sour in the sun. Dig a deep hole with post hole diggers and fill it up. Cover that with a little dirt, layer it over with (and this sound gross but works) used tampons or in a pinch fish guts and shrimp peels. They'll come running and tear the place up getting it out of the ground and never really leave. After you kill one or two during the daylight, they will become nocturnal and soon you will have more than you ever wanted. Pigs are smart animals and realize when they are being targeted for assassination. You can also coat tree trunks with diesel fuel or burnt motor oil where they will rub against it to coat their fur.

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