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Everyone needs to keep an eye on their state. Some representative in MN introduced a bill (HF241) with all kinds of limits and junk in it.

I contact my state rep. with my concerns and why I felt MN needed no such thing. His response was he's fully supportive of gun rights and has no intention of letting this bill through. I sent a thank you letter and told him he will have me and my families full support next election, I told him this was by far my most important issue.

I also sent a letter to my state senator in case it got through the house. Her response was disappoint (and quite frankly was what I thought she would say. I thanked her for her time, told her I was disappointed. She needs to do what she thinks is right but that she will not have my vote or my support at the next election. I also told her that this is my number one concern and that I plan to make sure it is very visible at the next election along with who voted which way (regardless of whether the bill passes or not). I'm hoping the impact sinks in over time.

I also contact Michelle Bachman at the US level and expressed my concerns to her. Although this is a state issue, her office is influential and similar legislation may be coming through the federal level as well. Cover all bases. I still have to email Franken but I hoping the house will stop the bill in it's tracks.

I the letter at the local levels I took a short paragraph to explain why gun rights bare important to me and that it's not just about hunting and it's not just about personal protection. It's also about recreational shooting, sporting competitions, and collecting. No different that the guy with the den full of Green Bay Packers stuff, or the guy who likes to go out bowling all the time. Want to try to get people to see all the sides.
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