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My son is an LEO and has arrested drug felons as well as other violent felons. He has appeared in court and testified against them, some are in prison for a very long time, others not so long.

I understand this. My questions to this are; What about the lawyers that help to prosecute them? If the police can maintain arms after assisting the prosecution, what about the prosecuting attorneys? Shouldn't they then be able to maintain firearms? Since we are now going down this route, what about any potential witnesses? Shouldn't they be allowed to protect themselves since they are obvious targets to retaliation? Now we have a jury to contend with. Shouldn't our peers, who take part in the prosecuting process be able to defend themselves? Certainly, even defense attorneys, who were deemed by their client to not be aggressive or protective enough have been targets of retaliation. I hate to coin too many phrases, but slippery slope is pretty appropriate here.

Again, I cannot say this enough; I support our police forces. I teach my son to wave whenever he sees one driving down our street. I encourage him to speak to any that he sees in parking lots and they normally turn on the lights and sirens for him. He loves them! I don't, however, think that they should be given special status.
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