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My handgun cartridges of choice are the 45ACP, 9mm and 38/357. At the time, decades ago, I assumed they were safe and today I feel reassured. I can’t say this about the 40S&W. Downside of the 40S&W, it has the poorest margin of safety of five pistol cartridges. This is because of the platform, 9mm, and because of the taper of the webbing of the case unlike the original 10mm.

In order starting with the greatest safety margin:

1. 9mm
2. 10mm
3. 45ACP
4. 357SIG
5. 40S&W

Like some I have seen/gathered much about handguns exploding/kabooming and feel the above info from a posting by a said forensic engineer (mechanical) to be the most interesting. The posting is from dated 2008.

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