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he thing to remember is that the gun culture isn't really unified. Glenn and others have pointed that out well.

There are, what, 90 million gun owners? 4 million belong to the NRA. That's 4.4%. Out of those, how many can we expect to take even the most basic of political actions? Ten percent? That puts us at 400,000 voices.

Even those folks can't unify on even the simplest things. Look at debates about Presidential candidates the last couple of election cycles.

I could probably find you 100,000 hardcore antis in this country. Add in another couple hundred thousand who can be easily swayed, and the numbers don't look good so far.
I think the above pretty much nails it, over the past 30 years I've encouraged people to join the NRA many will say "oh I don't like them" or "I can buy a box of ammo with that money".

Money talks join the NRA, past couple months I've given NRA memberships to family and friends. I will not purchase products from hard core anti-gun states and certain will never visit same and tell them why. May sound dramatic but we're facing evil people in DC who simply want to control our lives so we better come together soon.
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