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Again I am in danger of rendering an opinion...

....when in fact I am terribly underinformed.

I think RM1776's definition fits mine. It is kind of an individual thing which for him resulted in the use of a 42" barrel. Possibly the only thing available to him at the time. That would be a little long for me but it certainly fit 76s. But then, did I mention? I don' hunt.

With the proliferation of ML options over the last five to ten years, a person who is just getting a "brush gun" (Lord, I do hate that word, "Gun") is right to do as the OP has and try to establish his own definition.

My only experience with hunting is when I went (unarmed) with my uncle who used me to flush out pheasants and encourage squirrels to come around to his side of a tree. I said he liked things short and light. That is not because he was in heavy thickets which impeded the movement of the rifle, but because in the dense brush, the shot was recognized quickly and almost as quickly it vanished. He had to be able to turn the rifle and raise the rifle in the short period that the deer had his head to the ground to graze. When the head was up, my uncle was always dead still. He always said that a deer can't see things, they can only see movement.

In western, PA, the shots were longer providing a little more time to raise the rifle and aim without spooking the deer. His longer 270 worked there.

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