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Do you experienced predator hunters suggest a fancy call for the beginner?
Not me. Seen way too many guys buy all the latest gear only to have it sit on a shelf. Start out with a hand call or two and see where that goes before you invest money in e-calls or new guns for that matter. Callin is somewhere between and art and a science. Some guys start with handcalls and stuggle and think the problem is their sounds. Then they go out and buy an e-call thinkin that will solve the problem. Here's a hint....... If you ain't seeing critters with a hand call than your sounds are not the problem. Your set up and/or location is. E-calls are another tool in your bag of tricks.

As for damage. The rimfire magnums can be great but it's not that hard to use centerfires and get great results. Centerfires do not automatically mean big holes. Take your .44; With the right bullet you'll get a small hole in, a little bigger out. More than acceptable in any circle I've run with or any fur buyer I've sold to. Go pushing lightweight HP's fast and you might make a mess.
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