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The problem with this is the same types of legislators who are typically anti gun also do not care about private business. They vote to keep hiking taxes, the minimum wage and to pass other anti business measures. Unless you are a State/City Worker, in a Union or a part of a select few mega corporations who give them huge campaign contributions They don't and won't give a darn unless you FORCE them to by getting some of these yahoo's thrown out of office come the next election.

An even more powerful message that voting a pro gun R in and an anti gun D, would be if these anti gunners start losing in primaries to pro gun candidates from their own parties.

I hope Magpul finds a new home soon but this is going to disrupt the supply chain, you don't just move a huge manufacturing company overnight. If they move as far away as say Texas, or Arizona then some of the skilled workers will not follow. It could be 1-2 years before they are up and running at full capacity after a move. I imagine it will be a gradual change, with Magpul moving PMAG Manufacturing first and slowly moving the other stuff so they don't have a big disruption. Its gonna be a rough ride for 30 round PMAGS though, I am so glad right now that I stocked up on PMAGS!
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