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I am no purist by any stretch.....

...My habits are driven by the fact that I squeeze a nickel until the buffalo S __ __ Ts.

I buy 100% wool hats at thrift shops. I made a wad punch from a piece of steel round stock. (Had to do this because the Cheapo set from Horrible Freight doesn't have the right size.) One hat gives me about a billion wads.

I lube them with my Home Depot lube which (at least up to now) has been Crisco and Wax rings from toilets.

I don't generally use a wad under the ball in cap and ball but when I do, that is the way I do it. Now that I am loading cartridges in .45 LC, .357, and 45-70 I im thinking I need to get more serious with wads.

I also don't shoot muzzle loading long arms any more but when I did, I used old tee shirts with the patch cut slightly large and then trimmed with a sharp knife when the ball is pushed in just even with the crown of the muzzle. I used straight crisco for lube for those patches. That is how I did single shot pistols too.

I must close this post by telling you that 80% of the guys on this forum will cringe when they read my description. There are a hundred better waysw to approach wads, but there aren't many that are cheaper.

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