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I still don't think I'd walk around with flooring tiles duct taped to my body though...
You would want to cut the tiles into a shooters cut (cut off top corners at 45 deg angle) and put them in a plate carrier vest. The military's body armor is a soft vest with removable hard ESAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert) plates which weigh 7lbs or so each. Still, you'd look just as conspicuous walking around in a tactical vest as you would with tiles duct taped to you.


Wasn't Dragon Skin rather thoroughly discredited shortly after it was first introduced? Or am I getting it mixed up with some other personal body armor scammer?
Yes and no, the tests IIRC were conducted by the Army's research lab who happened to have developed the body armor Dragon Skin was seeking to replace. They claimed that their tests showed the DS did not stop several rounds that it claimed to and that the "scales" did not hold together in very hot temperatures. IIRC there was no third party or oversight for the Army's tests. Draw yor own conclusions.

That said I hope I never get handed dragon skin even if it DOES work as well as it seems to. Why? It weighs 10lbs more than the plate carrier I wore in Afghanistan and the ESAPI plates work well enough. No thank you.
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