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Next gun - Durable semi-auto

Your price range really leaves you open to many options. I personally love Sigs, but the price keeps me away. I think they are worth it and are probably the #1 on the market, but my kids like to eat - so I don't own a sig.

Ruger makes some great pistols and you could almost get two Rugers for the money. The SR9c was top selling pistol a few years back. I've had mine for over a year and love it. It is my EDC. Do I think it will last as long as a P226? No.

If you're not going to CC, you could look at a number of service pistols - Beretta 92, Sig P226, etc. I wouldn't buy one right noe regardless. I'd wait for this insanity to blow over first. Hopefully the prices will come back down and ammo will become available.
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