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hog hunting newbe

Been wanting to hunt for a while. Finally getting the chance.
Been hog hunting 1 time.. with no luck.. I am about 100pcnt
Sure it was that some of our crew didn't remove smell..
And puffed a few smokes before heading out...

I am going with just my son this time fairly well prepaired..
I think...

I have read lots about cleaning and field dressing...
1 highly important fact is keeping meet cool.. and doing it quick..
Any tips would be great.. also.. in dressing.
We will be camping. About 3 to 4 hours from home..
No hose to wash meat after cleaning or anything...
If we get a pig can we keep it on ice saturday and sunday, or
Is it best to call it a weekend ... go home wash it down.. and put it in the freezer..

I am new to this... so any tips would be great..

Thanks in advanced.
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