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I've shot some groups with the 100's from the Moss. Mannlicher and they went about 1.5" at 100. And the Moss has a stubby 20" bbl, which will not be conducive to high velocity with the 100's, I'd think. Some shots over my new Christmas chronograph will likely be very revealing. (everything shot over the screens so far has been a surprise). The deer I killed in Jan had no idea he'd been hit with a sluggish, moderatley grouping 100 instead of a fast, tight shooting 85!

Just toyng with the idea. I have all summer, after turkey season, to experiment. And I've got a reasonable supply of 100's on hand, as the Savage 110 that the boy shoots really likes them. Maybe I could fool with powders and see some improvement on the 100's in the woody Mossberg.

But, the 75gr Federals that came with the rifle were real eye openers and got me to thinking. Dunno....we'll see. Thaks all.
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