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So the original/real Spiller & Burr was a "brass" framed copy of the Eli Whitney iron? framed revolver??? Was there ever an iron?steel? framed Spiller & Burr? Was the Eli Whitney revolver available in Army(.44) and Navy(.36) calibers?

So the original/real Griswold & Gunnison was a "brass" framed "copy" of the Colt 1851 Navy (all except for the round barrel on the Griswold?) Was there ever an iron?/steel? framed Griswold?

I've read a number of "internet experts" that seem to say there are "exact" copies of the Colt 1851 and the Remington New Model (1858) that were made in the South of "Brass". I find no real/original examples of this? Is this just a bunch of hooey?

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