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Do you think that we are making a full circle in military calibers?

Okay so I've been obsessing over this a little bit and the conclusion that I have come to is that we are beginning to figure out that big and slow projectiles trump fast and small ones. I would just like to point out the resurgence of the 45 acp as an example. If you look at our rifles it seems like in theory the 5.56 is devistating when it fragments but since we are not allowed to use hollow points many hits do not result in a full energy dump. Hence the fact that so many people are getting excited about the 300 blackout round. I would also just like to post this video here where he in advertantly demonstrates that a one ounce slug going slower dumps a heck of alot more energy into the block. I do understand that there are pellets also working but it does make you think a little bit. Anyways I'm just looking for a bit of a discussion here so feel free to let me have it.

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