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308 is still hilariously expensive, and 9mm has gone up 50pct for target rounds and probably 30pct for defense/duty and stayed there. Nothings changed where I'm at.

And let's be honest, guys. Anyone who knows an abundance of LE and military personnel know damn well that there is no way on Earth that any truly "unconstitutional" activities would be perpetrated by them.(I insert quotes because of the intentionally ambiguous rulings of Heller) In my estimation, half to seventy five percent would instantly defect. A small percentage of them might do worse to prevent it, history shows this many times.

America can never be compared to Nazi Germany or Maoist China, especially considering the government themselves, intentionally or unintentionally, has fostered and nurtured the largest armament of private citizens in the history of mankind. More people have become new gun owners in the last 3 months than the population of any given country on the planet besides the superpowers. We have multiple guns per capita. And anyone who's been/lived overseas will tell you that even at current prices, ammunition and semi-auto weapons are cheap as hell compared to almost anywhere else.

Tell me, do you think the government's stable of Wharton- and Stern-bred economists didn't consider that this would happen? 30 years and you've doubled the gun-owning population through reverse psychology.

They always talk about banning, but never TRULY ban.

Seems there might be something else at work here.

Source: uh... I'm an economist? No, but seriously, I am. And on the military and LE front, I worked with cops throughout high school and college, and was raised by a USAF officer.

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