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Can't set my .38 Derringer down!

got a gun show coming up and Ihope they have some CAS .38 Specials !
The lower velocity of the CAS loads really makes shooting the big Cobra .38 fun to shoot! I try andonly shoot "just a few" shots when out at the range but I always end up putting a dent in a 50 round box!
I have some 90 grain bukket very light loaded shells for fun but the supply is gettin low. A full fledged .38 Special is a grip stinger. There just isn't enough grip to diminish a full house .38 Soecial in the derringer. It's so much fun to touch off though that I even shoot the full power ones in it.
I can see the .38 special in this small gun but the anemic .41 rimfire sure must have been questionable at times! I'd much rather shoot the modern version with .38's! You couldd at least count on peneteration with it. The barrels keave roughly 3/4" of tube ahead of the bullet.
Crossing my fingers for the Gun Show
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