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You will find opinions all over the place and I'm sure everyones experience will be different from the next person's.
I have the Romanian version of the AK and couldn't be happier with it. I have had no problems with loose fitting mags or bent front sights. These may have been issues at one time or another with certain runs of these?
Most current sks imports are yugos only. I bought one a couple years ago and quickly tired of it. Using surplus ammo, which only makes sense with a surplus firearm, the gas valve, unique to the yugo, requires lots of attention to keep corrosion at bay. The odd grenade launching stuff is interesting, but not very practical.
I sold it after aquiring the Chinese version sks and find that one more to my liking. It feeds anything I put in it, is a lot trimmer platform to use and while I retain the option of putting all the stock, number matching original pieces back on it, have been more than satisfied with a full-on Tapco conversion kit.
Unlike many who report issues with the duck bill mags, I've found them to be reliable and easy to use. I believe I can change mags just as fast with the sks as the ak. The only downside I've found with the duck-bill mags is they are a little hard to store, with the odd shaped duck-bill wanting to stick out of the top of the mag pouch.
There is a guy over on the sks survivor's board that offers a special mag pouch for them. I haven't tried one.
Best advice is get one of each. Good luck on finding reasonable priced ammo for now.
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