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I no longer feel any loyalty to my home state of Colorado whatsoever, it will likely take me a couple years to put myself into a position to move to another state, but I am willing to do so at this point. I have carried out life plans that were more detailed and took longer than that.

Colorado is not just more anti-gun than the past, but far more liberal in general. Without getting into politics, I'll just say that I would leave Colorado because Colorado left me first.

I contacted my State representative several times leating up to the vote on these 4 anti-gun bills and never got a single response. Not until he voted yes on all four of them and I voiced my extreme dissapointment with some polite but strong language did I receive the following response.

Hello Ira,
Thank you for your email and for sharing your views with me. I fully support the language of the Second Amendment but also believe we need meaningful action to keep our communities safe from gun violence.
I followed my district and my conscience and voted for these common sense gun safety bills. These proposals seek a well-rounded approach to strengthen public safety including making our campuses safer, providing support for mental health, and modernizing out background check system. The first four bills concerning gun safety have passed out of the House on February 18th and will now be taken up by the Senate.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

The basic response of "I voted my district" has been the same on other issues that are not firearm related so I won't discuss them here, but clearly I no longer share similar views as the district in which I live.
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