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First of all, something I've got to clear up: No one from Tresmond Law has ever solicited funds for this case. There are some real unscrupulous anti gun cowards who are posing as us asking for money.

I am the only source on the Internet forums who can confirm or deny anything about thre case. Mr. Tresmond is putting the finishing touches on the email list, and has a Facebook page. Other attorneys are remaining anonymous. I have been tasked with maintaining a forum presence.

I am Maximillian Tresmond.

If you see anyone soliciting funds under our name, please report them to me immediately. It is criminal fraud.

On to the good news. My father has formally announced that the plaintiffs have requested a trial by jury for all issues of fact in the case. This brings the SAFE Act before a jury of our peers in Erie County, New York. There is no question at this point the State will work diligently to dismiss the case before it gets to trial.

The country is watching. This is our moment for gun rights, and for civil rights.

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