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Leupold Exemplary Customer Service

Today I went to Leupold & Stevens Inc. main facility in Beaverton Oregon. I was there to pick up a replacement scope for one that failed after a fall.

The scope I brought in last month was 15 or 20 years old. It was a discontinued VX-II 3X9 X 40 with an adjustable objective. It came on a rifle I subsequently sold but, the scope went on the next rifle a LH Rem 700 30-06. I'd used it on my 06 for the last decade plus with shot after shot connecting to coyotes, elk, deer, and antelope. The rifle, ammunition,scope and myself all did their jobs.

When I missed a shot this fall I inspected the scope and saw it was damaged in a fall. I took it in and they told me they couldn't fix it and didn't make it any more. Their worker in their lobby told me they would replace it and gave me some options from their current production. I selected a similar scope, left and awaited their call.

I got a call that my replacement scope was ready for pickup and came by today.

They built a brand new VX-2 3X9X40 AO just for me. It's a custom scope, it's beautiful, and it's one of a kind. Leopold & Stevens built a custom scope to replace one damaged by abuse that wasn't even owned by the original owner about 2 decades after the original sale. This new custom scope didn't cost me a penny and I wouldn't sell it for a thousand dollars. Right on the box label it says "Custom Built for Joe ........"

If you think any other company offers scopes with more value or a better deal I'm not buying it.

Thanks Leopold & Stevens. I'm proud you're my neighbor.

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