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In wisconsin its a $50 dollar fee. $37 for the state $13 for the background check. There is no fingerprints or talk to a judge. Just print out the application fill it out (it literally took 5 minutes) its very short. Then mail it in with training proof and $50 check, then wait.
I'm not sure how much training is, i took hunters safety when i was 11 and that satisfied the requirement. Training programs are alot shorter you can get a certificate in a day. I had class a couple nights a week for 6 weeks i think for hunters safety. I wish the training classes were a little longer to be thorough as people with hunters safety generally handle firearms for hunting and alot of people that take training are taking it with their first purchase of a firearm. I'm 22 and have been shooting firearms for 16 years compared to other people with just an afternoon. It makes me a little uneasy but hey who am i to tell someone they cant carry. I think all 50 states should be constitutional carry.
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