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Re: Good .22lr target rifle?

Towards the goal of learning to shoot, centerfire or rimfire, I simply have to recommend a Marlin 795, a GI sling, Tech Sights, elbow pads, sunblock, a brick of .22 ammo, an RWVA membership, and a weekend at a nearby Appleseed event. For less than $200 you get all the equipment needed, the weekend is $80, and the RWVA membership is $20. For less than $300 you get the best value in fundamentals training you can possibly obtain and an excellent plinking / small game rifle that you can use for life. I'd really suggest you check out

Also, the exposure you receive at the Appleseed and during the intervening time will help you make the longer term decisions on what higher quality rifle(s) to purchase.

For a tack driver, I absolutely love my CZ (.204 Ruger). I see rifles at the range costing more than double of what I paid for the CZ and they don't shoot as well (of course some also shoot better, but they paid a lot more). Yet as much as I love my CZ, I shoot the Marlin a lot more - and quality trigger time (IMHO) is the best teacher.

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