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To keep game coming regularly the food source needs to be regular.

Going out once every couple of weeks and putting out a sack of corn wont work.
Get a large feeder with a programmable electric timer that will hold 4-6 bags of corn and set it to throw twice a day for just a few seconds.
It may throw out only a cpl of handfuls of corn is all but it will keep them coming back over and over cause its always there.

Other than that I agree with thallub.. Hogs are a invasive species and on the ten thousand acres I help to manage the areas the hogs move into the deer leave. We run multiple game cams year round and in the areas the hogs are in you will 99.9% of the year never see a single deer in that area.
I have personally seen a oak hollow of about 2 acres loaded down with acorns on the ground so thick you couldnt walk with out stepping on at least 3 or 4 in 24 hrs go to not being able to find a single fresh acorn uneaten on the ground.
Hogs will decimate mast crops and many other sources of deer foods.
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